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A Journey From Ambition To Meaning

A Journey From
Ambition To Meaning


Date: Thursday, 2nd Feb 2023
Time: 1pm Syd/Mel

The ultimate transformation for self is knowing how to transform other people’s lives! Excited to announce this webinar on becoming an “Emotional Fitness Formula Practitioner”. Can’t wait to show you powerful simple frameworks which have been tried and tested with 1000s of people 100s of times.
Emotional fitness is measured by the quality of your relationship with uncertainty. Mastering this one relationship has a profound transforming ripple effect beyond measure.
This brand new training will show you how to kickstart your Emotional Fitness personal journey and also open new possibilities for Emotional Fitness Formula™ facilitators.


Date: Thursday, Feb 2nd 2023
Time: 1pm Syd/Mel

what people say about the Emotional Fitness Formula™...
Cherryl Petrie
(Founder & CEO) Mckenna Consulting

I would like to sincerely thank you for the important role you played in me having my best year yet in my business.

The direct and powerful impact becoming a Founder of EFF (which was an absolute no brainer!!) has profoundly contributed to my confidence as both a person and as someone who can provide value to the people I come in contact.

It is beautiful to see when your life is “in flow” as I call it. Your life is “in flow” and EFF is giving myself and others the opportunity for their lives to be lived “in flow”.

if you really want to know what it takes to deliver and facilitate advanced Emotional Fitness frameworks , this free online training is exactly what you want! 

They did it. so can you.
Hint at the fact that you discovered the secret...
...the solution, the result of all this suffering, and now
you are on a mission to help others just like you!

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